Generation: Tractor

It all began in Le Mans. That is where the first tractor family rolled off the production line in 2003, making CLAAS a full liner in the field of agricultural equipment. One look at yesterday’s standards and today’s designs

253 hp
– allowed the ATLES to generate 1,050 Nm of torque.
1.95 m
in tire height meant ideal ground clearance and traction.
455 l
could fit in the fuel tank of the ATLES.
was how much the first big CLAAS ­standard tractor weighed.

Robust, powerful, easy to operate: That is how you could describe the ATLES 936. Equipped with features such as four-point cab suspension and the REVERSHIFT transmission to help change direction under load, it set a standard in 2003 that later models would continue to uphold. For CLAAS, the entry into the standard tractor segment was more than a mere flirtation with an exciting new idea. It was the beginning of a success story.

Power player

The AXION 960 is a perfect example of how much has changed in terms of technology. A more than 80 percent increase in torque over the years to 1,860 Nm today has made it a well-rounded powerhouse. The CMATIC transmission control system provides infinitely adjustable performance no matter what the task. Its hydraulics also pack an impressive punch. Today, it has 220 l of hydraulic oil flowing through its hoses and drives – twice as much as in the original ATLES.

445 hp
and 1,860 Nm of torque make this the most ­powerful CLAAS standard tractor.
2,10 m
in tire height provide a tremendous footprint.
640 l
in fuel are on board the AXION – enough for hours of work with a full load.
13 t
in weight ensures perfect power transmission.

One button changes everything

Still, the increase in power under the hood is just one advancement. If you want to feel the true revolution, take a seat in the cab. Thanks to automation and digitalization, the AXION drives while the driver manages the tractor. As a result, the sophisticated electronics of tools such as CEBIS make it easier for operators to get their jobs done. At the press of a button, drivers can save settings for 20 different attachments and access them at any time. All information is visible on large displays that can be operated while the tractor is in motion.

Eye in the sky

To make this level of convenience possible, today’s CLAAS tractors make use of a wide range of sensors and software interfaces, such as TELEMATICS. They also receive support from above. With the help of GPS satellites, the AXION guides attachments across the field either in a straight line or in curves, with precision down to the centimeter.

At home around the world

Thanks to this evolution from robust workhorse to smart powerhouse, CLAAS has made a name for itself in the standard tractor segment. The customer base has grown more and more international ever since the first generation from Le Mans was launched. Today, CLAAS supplies the AXION not only to its main ­central European markets, but also to Russia and Oceania.

Interview with Lothar Kriszun, formerly Speaker of the CLAAS Executive Board, about the history of the CLAAS Tractor.

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