The All-­Seeing Eye

Mechanical cultivators are used to combat weed growth in organic farming and wherever herbicides have no effect. The new CULTI CAM system, developed by CLAAS, allows machinery operators to maintain a high level of precision and protect plants when working on fields.

Florian Lehmann

Making work more effective

The CLAAS CULTI CAM automatically controls cultivation machinery. With the camera, control module, and hydraulic valve guiding the machine centimeter by centimeter, the driver is free to concentrate on other tasks. The system can increase the driving speed twofold, increasing area coverage by up to 25 percent and proving particularly beneficial to inexperienced machinery operators.

Drawing a distinction

The CLAAS CULTI CAM ­distinguishes row crops in two ways. First of all, the 2D color segmentation recognizes the crops that re­quire protection on the basis of their leaf color. This can be problematic in weedy ­areas, but thanks to the system’s 3D object detection, it can also determine the spatial structure of the crops, including their size.


Doubling the driving speed can improve area coverage by up to 25 percent.

Raising the level of automation

The objective at CLAAS E-Systems is to automate field maintenance even ­further and minimize the use of herbicides. This system makes an important contribution to reducing the use of herbicides, which make up the majority of crop protection products – ac­counting for around a 50 per­cent share in Germany.

Cooperating for valuable data

CLAAS also sells the CULTI CAM system to cultivator manufacturers, who then make the data they gather available. With the help of this data and data gathered from cameras fitted in other CLAAS agricultural equipment, CULTI CAM can continue to be optimized. After all, the systems are all made up of the same modular components.

Home-grown innovation

CULTI CAM has a special place among the large machinery that makes up the rest of the CLAAS ­port­folio. Developed at Group subsidiary CLAAS E-Systems in Dissen, ­Germany, it offers cultivator manufac­turers real added value and demonstrates that smart technology can contribute to more environmentally friendly crop care.

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